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The final push

Review notes


Biological perspective

Cognitive perspective

Learning perspective

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Monday, May 16

Exam paper one

  • The regular Multipurpose room by teh campo dome
  • Be there by 12:55

Get a good night's sleep.


Tuesday, May 17

Exam paper 2: Dysfunctional Psychology

  • The regular Multipurpose room by teh campo dome
  • Be there by 12:55

Congratulations, the psych class is over.





The Syllabus

The course is the study of human experience and behavior seen through three major perspectives and various methods of psychological enquiry, with particular emphasis on empirical psychology and practical experimental work where the student will develop the capacity to work critically with both psychological theories and empirical studies. The knowledge and skills are tested by externally set examinations (80%) and the practical coursework is internally assessed by the teacher (20%). Our focus will be on the following perspectives:

  • Learning
  • Biological
  • Cognitive

In addition, we will look in depth at:

  • Dysfunctional psychology
  • Research methodology

Class Expectations

All students are expected to a

  • Arrive on time, ready to learn and contribute to the learning of others in a respectful and positive manner
  • Keep an organized binder of all notes and handouts
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Meet with the teacher to examine  for clarification of any assignments or lectures

About the teacher

Shaun McElroy, Director of College Counselling at Escuela Campo Alegre, is the teacher of IB psychology SL. Students will soon discover that although he may not be able to pronounce words with more than three syllables he is well versed in both psychology and the IB. Having seen the course through completion in 2002, he is looking forward to another great year.